July 31, 2018

The Global Shapers Community Calabar Hub is inviting applications for the 2018 Shapers Recruitment Exercise. Applications are open to students, professionals, entrpreneurs, academia, artisans and leaders passionate about shaping the world.

Are you a young person between 20-29 years? Are you resident or live close to the hub city? Are you passionate about community development and social change? Become a member of the Global Shapers Community Calabar Hub.

Applications are open until August 20th 2018.

APPLY HERE: www.bit.ly/gscalabarapplication

The Global Shapers Community is a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change.

Read more about the Global Shaper Community and the World Economic Forum  here www.globalshapers.org and www.weforum.org

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June 27, 2018

Save the date!
Calabar's biggest luxury lounge is set to launch🙋🙋🙋

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Samba Lounge Calabar Set to Launch 13

June 10, 2018

Last Prophet is Changing the Game of Comedy... Super Star Comedy Actors Charles Inojie and Ada Ameh will be live in Calabar on Father's Day
@charlesinojie (LUCKY JOHNSON) with @adaameh (EMU) and @charles_okocha (IGWE TUPAC) Alongside other great Comedians from LAGOS, WARRI, PORT Harcourt and CALABAR.



#TheJohnsons #MyPoliticalMind2 #MyPoliticalMind #Fathersday #comedyshow #obanliku #obanliku1st
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Event: My KingdomCome Comedy Show with @lastprophetcfr

May 05, 2018


MC Mbakara (AKA Aya Aya), originally from Cross River State, is an energetic and spontaneous comedian and master of ceremonies. He is the most sort after comedian in the south south region of Nigeria.

He has hosted various shows within and outside Nigeria and also performed in  a number shows like AY Live Abuja, Calabar Christmas Festival etc.


Meet MC Mbakara - Host of Calabar Invasion

Come 5th of May 2018, The City of Lagos will be on a stand still as MC Mbakara and Friends are set to Invade your City all the way from Calabar. It’s the Calabar Invasion with @MCMbakara, brought to you by Micheno Ventures 
Come and experience laughter , Music and unique cultural heritage of the Calabar people. 

Comedy by MC Mbakara, Acapella,,  Dan d Humorous, Mc Shakara, destalker, Short Family, Monkals, MC George, Koboko, MC Pashun, Sir James and many others. 
Musical performances by Dice Alies, Real Pee, Gwaynne, Eff Jay, Envy, Ekombi, Moninkim, Okpo records, and lots more
Host: Bitto BBNAIJA 2018.
Date: 5th of May 2018
Venue:  Shell Hall Muson Centre 
Time: 6 pm
Tickets: Regular N2000, VIP/; N10,000 and Table for 10 : N200,000
Tickets available at Ebeano Super Market, All Slot outlets,  online at www.calabarinvasion.com www.ariiyaticket.com and www.naijaticketshop.com 

For Tickets reservation call 08061397264, 08060060578
Proudly  Packaged by @LanreMakunEvents 

Calabar Invasion with @MCMbakara Live in Lagos

April 10, 2018

It’s finally here! The most anticipated song of the year! Tsheza needs no introduction, with a massive hit earlier "Dear Heart" still making waves. If you are on  social media and not under a rock, you must have seen posts everywhere about Tsheza’s new song ‘Miami”

Tsheza to me is such a lover boy as he advances his love interest with some pleasing words.

This melodious tune was produced by 3gafingers. Listen and share!


Tsheza - Miami (Prod. By 3gafingers)

April 09, 2018

Before I tell you “Why I believe in DasCoin?” I must tell you a bit about my background. I’m an independent trader in financial markets with 7+ years of experience in trading stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. Then I fell in love with passive income… investing… eventually became a full time investor.

Few years ago I found online marketing… then affiliate marketing… started to learn more!

Even playful baby elephants can make money online! ha ha!

Ever since I’ve read Rich Dad Poor Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki, I’ve been looking for a network marketing 2.0 company with an unmatched product where I can build a strong network. Few months back (early September 2016), one of my friend came to me with DasCoin. I did a bit of background search on the founders and their vision. Dug deep in to the concept, talked with the top network marketing professionals, went ahead and had one on one conversations with the leadership of DasCoin. Basically, I did my due diligence. And decided to go All In!

I’m not in it just because of the attractive compensation plan. It’s lucrative, for sure!

But… I believe in the…

1. Leadership and their Vision.

2. Potential Capital Gain

3. Approach andUtility

. Strong Leadership with a Strategic Vision

DasCoin’s Eco System is lead by experienced professionals who knows what they are talking about. I’ve done a bit of research and pointed out key elements of their business profiles as follows.

Michael Mathias [CEO of DasCoin]
- FinTech specialist with an over 23 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience

- Founder and President of social media company Mojo Media

- Founder and CEO of marketplace network TREKA and online gaming company Change Gaming.

- 10 years of experience as a Strategic Consultant working with a JP Morgan Chase’s Private Bank and 5 years of experience as a marketing executive in the financial services industry with American Express and T. Rowe Price.

- Graduate of Princeton University and a resident of Sliema, Malta

2. Potential Capital Gain

I’ve heard about Bitcoins in 2012 and watched the price going up from 100s to 1200. I’m long Bitcoin since 2016 April. Then I saw Ethereum price moving up from next to nothing to 20s in no time.

Since I’ve missed to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum in early stages. I promised myself not to miss any high potential crypto startups where me, my followers and their friends can make a considerably high capital gain.

Capital gain is exactly what every investor looking for. Investopedia says…

Capital gain is an increase in the value of a capital asset (investment) that gives it a higher worth than the purchase price. The gain is not realized until the asset is sold. A capital gain may be short-term (one year or less) or long-term (more than one year).

I believe DasCoin can give us a considerably above average capital gain because of the utility as well as the approach.

Following chart shows how Bitcoin price gained from 2012 to today. For last 5 years Bitcoin price has increased by more than 288x times. 

And the chart below shows how Ethereum price moved from November 2015 to today. Ethereum price has increase by more than 20 folds for last 1 year. 

By giving above examples I’m not saying DasCoin’s price is going to appreciate significantly like Bitcoin or Ethereum. But when comparing the current price and future price, given what’s in the pipeline, leadership, partnerships and what’s happening behind the scenes “I seriously do see something in DasCoin”.

So… I believe there’s a big potential for us to make a considerable capital gain within next couple of years. Forecasts are saying it’ll be something like 4000% or more! But my instincts are telling that it can be even more than that. That’s why I’ve already put down 10,000+ EUR straight from my pocket in to DasCoin after a serious due diligence process. 

3. 100% Passive Earning Opportunity

If someone wants to enjoy the capital gain, they don’t have to do anything other than purchasing a software licence. They will be rewarded for their investment as well as for their patience after few years. 

4. Marketing Strategy

Bitcoin took 8 years to reach where it is right now! Still it only has less than 10 million users and around 250,000 merchants across the globe. Why? Because bitcoin doesn’t have a unified marketing force behind it!

DasCoin already has a strong and experienced leadership, access to the world’s latest technologies, unmatched partnerships, cross boarder relationships with governments, financial regulators, leading technology companies and banks etc.

But… where’s the market?

What’s the fastest possible way to build a strong user base in relatively shorter period of time?

We all know the power of Network Marketing… Don’t we?

DasCoin is using a robust Network Marketing strategy to reach the mass market in a relatively shorter period of time. That’s it!

And the best part is, Dascoin’s value isn’t coming from the network. Seriously I believe it has an intrinsic value. That’s exactly why DasCoin is different. You’ll get this once you read the utility aspect of DasCoin in 6th point..

DasCoin provides a limitless opportunity for network marketing professionals to reach their true potential and earn their freedom. 

5. Decentralized!

As some of you already know there’re crypto look a likes where the price is internally controlled by the company itself. I must categorically emphasis that Dascoin is not an internally controlled, centralized digital token or a fake crypto.

Dascoin is real truly decentralized crypto currency with an intrinsic value. You’ll have a clear idea about DasCoin’s intrinsic value once you read the utility aspect of it!

DasCoin uses an improvised version of BitShares blockchain and the beta version will be launched on 15th January 2017 at Hong Kong.

6. DasCoin’s Utility

What’s the last mile of any cryptocurrency? Once you have it? Where you can spend it? Correct?
That’s exactly why the utility factor is important for any user as well as for any investor.

6.1: Almost Instant Transactions 

I just took this snapshot which shows the average transaction confirmation time of Bitcoin from Blockchain.info.
So… on average Bitcoin transaction takes ~40 minutes to confirm a single transaction. :/ It sucks to wait that long once you do a transaction!

DasCoin is having a 6 Seconds block time which enables us to do almost instant transactions. It’s a relatively significant advantage when using Dascoin for day to day transactions.

6.2: DasPay ~ Consumer Utility Element

DasPay is a mobile payments solution which has been developed on the same platform which used to build ApplePay. It uses cutting edge mobile technologies such as near field communications and host card emulation. With DasPay we will be able to do mobile payments transactions with 50 Million existing MasterCard, Visa, JCB and China UnionPay accepted merchants globally.

6.3: DasCoin Exchange ~ Institutional Trading Element

DasCoin is going to disrupt the Foreign Exchange market, which is the biggest financial market in the world with over $5 trillion daily volume with a prime brokerage model connecting institutional traders and brokers with liquidity providers such as major financial institutions, banks etc.

DasCoin will have a global network of exchanges targeting institutional traders with it’s proprietary trading engine technology which is 20% faster than other major exchange out there.

6.4: DasCoin for MetaTrader4 ~ Retail Trading Element

DasCoin will be traded in MetaTrader4 (MT4), the most popular retail trading engine among the retail traders across the globe.

6.5: Smart Contracts

DasCoin smart contracts already have an edge over the competition because it is built on a KYC (know-your-client) enabled ecosystem. So we’ll be able to do trustless transactions among the network participants without looking for 3rd parties.

6.6: BlockChain As a Service

Individuals and Institutions will be able to use DasCoin’s infrastructure and it’s proprietary private blockchain technology with highest level of cryptography commercially available.

7. DasCoin isn’t ReInventing the wheel 

As an open minded crypto enthusiast, what I see out there is that most of the crypto stratups try to benchmark bitcoins and try to duplicate it’s success.

But DasCoin is not!

DasCoin guys are not trying to reinvent the wheel. 

Simply, DasCoin leadership is introducing state of the art trading technologies and cutting edge mobile payment technologies in to the blockchain world while adhering to current legal, financial and compliance requirements. In essence, that’s what DasCoin infrastructure is all about. 

I already knew “Crypto is the Future”. And when a REAL crypto coupled with a network marketing strategy. Yeah, I’m Sold.

Once I realized the true potential of DasCoin, I didn’t think twice to take massive action. I directly sponsored 120+ people. Co-founded the DASCOIN HUB where we have a team size of 40+ from all over the world right now. And you can join our FACEBOOK GROUO too!

Last but not least…

No one told me to buy Bitcoins when it’s trading around $0.50 Cents and again…
No one told me to buy Ethereum when it’s trading at $0.50 Cents.

Bitcoin went up to $1300+ and Ethereum went up to $20+.
Sad. I’ve missed both those opportunities.

Now I’m telling YOU to get in to DasCoin while it’s priced below $0.17

Take it or Leave it!

Talk soon!

Cc: RiskyTusker

Here are reasons Why I believe in DasCoin?

April 07, 2018

A Facebook user, Stephanie Enob recounts her odeal today .
A few minutes ago two trucks were trying to overtake each other and another truck approaching glided with this truck and his petroleum began to gush out, (i busted into tongues)and the truck was still moving and my vehicle was right behind....Our vehicle has passed the spot and we are all far from the accident spot...but then again WHAT if......fill in the blank spaces...I'm joining the host of heaven heaven and I'm saying Lord I thank you..For showing up right on time, for being God, for helping us Lord I am grateful...friends help me thank God..."

Petrol Tank Spills off Fuel in Calabar

March 31, 2018


     In association with


#Sensitization ,#Empowerment, #Entertainment #Concert

    With performances by

@iamterryg  @iamspydaman @juleeplogz @titodafire @challexofem @youngbone_m @teddybantyondbeat @washerbeatz @lastprophetcfr
#Gwayne @kobokocfr @jossyoku #irekdee @mcgeorge2015 @iamtshawn @iam_realpee @fadakane @mrealfanpage @bittobryan @upper_x @heyononi_is_here @hostyb_ayaka @callyprettybrown #jennycrest and many more

Lots of gifts and empowerment items to be won   (raffle tickets just #100 )




*Table for 4 with drinks ... #10,000
*Regular ... #500
*Popular side ...Absolutely FREEEEE


For tickets , sponsorship and Enquiries call

08023072993 , 07035493359


The Fiesta Calabar with Terry G Live in Calabar

Rex Coded is one of the finest rising star after the release of his first official single titled “Olele”which took over Naija music industry with his sensational melody and lyrics. It wasn’t a disbelief that he thrived to bag his combo awards at the 2016 Paradise Music Festival Awards, winning the Song of the year and Best video of the year.

With an outstanding Music concept skills and Lyrics, the Afropop artist after the release of his latest hit banger track “KAKA” alongside with its visuals under MPU Music Records is still getting credits in the industry.

His new song is about to set the music industry on fire again titled “Gucci Things” featuring one of naija music industry top act Skales of Baseline Records.

No doubt Rex Coded is here to feed the industry with good music. He promised to be the best act in Nigeria by 2019.
Download Rex coded featuring Skales and enjoy


[MUSIC] Rex Coded (@rex_coded1) – “Gucci Things” ft. Skales